As such, there may be a bit of bias in these studies, as the people may expect to have a good experience while microdosing. Some research has shown that perceived benefits were unrelated to reported outcomes, which suggests the placebo effect and recall bias may be less significant to the experience than previously thought. Now […]
Perry argued that patients who are abusing alcohol and other drugs should be getting more pain medication, not less, in order to compensate for their developed tolerance [10]. He also noted that it has been very difficult to know how adequate analgesia might affect addiction patterns, because most of these patients simply do not receive […]
The key premises for this view are that every bit of space-time (or at least the stars in the physical universe) have some positive value, that these values can be added up, and that space is infinite. If the physical world at present contains an infinite degree of value, nothing we do can make a […]